Wishing you a very warm welcome to my website.

I hope you enjoy exploring the site and find some inspiration to either start or continue your journey to finding peace and wellbeing.

So, a little about me..well, my journey started back in 2008 when I trained as a Life Coach with The International Coaches Federation and began to practice yoga with two wonderful Indian teachers pictured below whilst living abroad.  It was a very authentic introduction to yoga learning many of the techniques and approach to yoga they had learned growing up.  And they really were more like spiritual guides to me than your average yoga teacher and inspired me to travel to India to learn more about the philosophy of yoga and train to become a teacher. 

My 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Alliance accreditation training took place at Ashiyana in Goa, India in 2011. The training at Ashiyana is dedicated to a spiritual Master called - Satyananda whom encourages self enquiry and to experience yourself as your innermost essence and know the peace and freedom within. Sounds life -transforming doesn't it? It was!  

Satyananda is supported by the Satsang Foundation, a non-profit organization promoting his work. For more information about Satyananda:

If you wish to view photos of my training at Ashiayana you are welcome to view my gallery.

On returning to the UK, I opened my home and began teaching classes for free, which to my delight - today is a thriving healing community of like-minded people.



However,  the types of conditions, injuries and general ailments I was seeing coming into my classes prompted me to study intensively in Yoga as Therapy, completing a Yoga Therapy Diploma at Yoga Campus, London in 2013.  Which ultimately means I am able to approach yoga more therapeutically and tailor the practice to those  who require healing or management of specific health concerns and I do this in one-to-one yoga therapy sessions and in my classes.

I have experience of working with many health concerns, but the main complaint I generally see is people over worked and stressed or run down.  So, I wanted to learn a spiritually influenced body-work therapy which could help my clients release the tension from their body.  So with this idea and after much research I travelled to Greece to study Thai Massage the highly regarded Krishna Takis of Sunshine House.

During all my trainings Meditation for me has played a very significant role both in participation and in experiencing positive benefits for myself.  But I wanted to reach a wider audience than meditation and so with this in mind I have been training to become a Breathworks Mindfulness Teacher.  I teach in both a personal and corporate setting and am very open to introducing Mindfulness to other groups.

So if you've read this far then you can probably gather that I am really passionate about wellbeing for both the physical boy and the mind and my vocation is in helping my clients feel the best that they can to enjoy a ... quality of life.  

I continue to learn and develop my skills by attending workshops and retreats with some of the best tutors in the wellbeing field.  You are welcome to view my training qualifications and trainings here.

So, thank you for reading and I really look forward to connecting with you and helping you in any which way I can.

Om Shanti,