Braintree Clothing

A spiritually influenced mind-body approach to helping you find peace and wellbeing

music by Janin Devi


General Wellbeing

I offer small group yoga classes in my home studio and private classes for you and/or a family member or friend you would like to introduce to yoga.  I also offer family classes and children's yoga parties by arrangement.

In addition, I run Mindfulness training courses and meditation group drop in sessions.  And I integrate the principles of Mindfulness in individual Life Coaching Sessions.

This is complimented by body-work in the form of Thai Yoga Massage which is prescriptive to your needs.




Condition / Injury Wellbeing

I offer Yoga Therapy sessions which are specifically tailored to your condition or injury. This includes a postural assessment and a series of breathing, meditation and visualisations which can be practised at home.

Where required I can also incorporate gentle Thai Yoga Massage.

I have experience of working with a number of conditions including; Arthritis, Parkinsons, Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Conditions, Fibromyalagia, Eating Disorders, Bi-Polar, Depression, Addiction to name a few.

Workplace Wellbeing

I offer team yoga classes, mindful movement sessions (a more gentle form of movement practice similar to Qi Gong), Breathing techniques, Introductions to Mindfulness and longer structured Mindfulness for Stress courses.

The above can form part of a team away day which can be tailored to your agenda.  Or as part of a structured commitment to your employees wellbeing.

I currently teach Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction to staff at NHS Southern Health Foundation Trust.