A regular yoga practice is not only good for your general health and wellbeing but helps to improve your endurance, quality of ride and prevent injury.

Yoga is specifically beneficial for cyclists because it helps to Build Strength, Improve Flexibility, Sharpen Focus and Maintain Balance.

Building Strength

Spending too much time in the saddle means that some areas of the body become stronger than others. Typically, the back, core and upper body are over compensated by other areas meaning they become weak. Yoga for Cyclists focusses on these areas to that the body can be more stable during your ride.

Improving Flexibility

Tight quadriceps, hips, lower backs and hamstrings are common among keen cyclists.  Yoga for Cyclists targets these areas so that a better pedal flow can be achieved and a more relaxed or in some cases more competitive posture on the bike can be adopted.  

Sharpen Focus

Mastering and holding a yoga posture in a Yoga for Cyclists session can be closely linked to the focus, discipline and composure required to tackle the next big climb or steam ahead towards the finish line.  Yoga for Cyclists hones your breathing so that you can remain relaxed and in-tune with your breathing whilst focussing on the next challenge on your ride.

Maintain Balance

Tightness and muscle imbalances developed from spending a long time on the bike can influence riding posture and balance and ultimately lead to injury.  Yoga for Cyclists focusses on rebalancing muscle groups so that the overworked muscles do not become prone to injury.

Yoga for Cyclists is a Yoga Classe dedicated specifically for keen cyclists who wish to achieve the above benefits

When:  Tuesdays 7.30 - 8.45pm

Location:  Sunnyside Villa, Mount Pleasant, Kings Worthy, Winchester

Booking: Blocks of 6 classes cost £60 and must be used within 3 months of purchase