Yoga Teaching Style

Classes are based in the Hatha yoga tradition with a focus on holding some poses which focus on where we hold tension longer in more of a Yin yoga approach.  Elements of pawakmuktasana (joint freeing), yoga nidra (deep relaxation), pranayama (breathing exercises), mindfulness and strength building movements are also included with each week being a varied practice so that your body does not become used to any particular sequence.  Each practice is concluded with a short meditation practice and poem or yoga / life philosophy sharing.  Sometimes we have fun with partner yoga or breaking down individual postures in a workshop style.  There are many props including mats, blankets, bolsters, straps and blocks provided - all that is required is a compassionate and accepting attitude towards yourself on your journey.

Classes are small, only 6 people and are held in a private home studio.


Current Class Schedule

Mondays: 7pm - 8.30pm

Thursdays: 3pm - 4.30pm

Thursdays: 7pm - 8.30pm

Fridays: 10am - 11.30am

Saturdays: 9.15am - 10.45am

Sundays: 7pm - 8.30pm



Trial Class: £5

6 Yoga Classes: £60

12 Yoga Classes: £108

Drop In Yoga Class: £12


1 Hour: £45

1.5 Hours: £55




Group Yoga Classes - please CLICK HERE TO BOOK ONLINE

Private classes - Please email me at to arrange a suitable time

Terms & Conditions

Clients must book into 24 hours prior to class start time online.

Clients must sign out of a class 25 hours prior to class start time if they cannot make the class in order not for it to be deducted.

Validity periods for blocks of classes are as follows:

Blocks of 6 classes: 9 weeks, blocks of 12 classes: 16 weeks, couples blocks of 6: 8 weeks, couples blocks of 12 classes: 12 weeks

OFFER: For every new person you introduce whom buys a block of 6 or 12 classes.  You will receive a free yoga class.

I’ve been seeing Amanda for over a year, due to a slipped disc 5 years ago,which I’m still recovering from. Yoga was suggested by a friend,so I took it up and haven’t looked back. Doing yoga with Amanda has increased mobility, flexibility and brought more focus to my life and what’s going on around me. I’ve found my mind to be more calmer and over all, as an exercise I would rather this than the gym because of scar tissue and tension in my lower back due to surgery in 2010. I felt like I would never get better,but that has all changed due to yoga,suffice to say,my wellbeing of mind and body is on the up,and it can only get better,and I’m happy it was Amanda I met,because she’s an endearing lady who embraces the spirit of her yoga and the people who come to her
— Anthony Carney- Operator/Digger Driver.
Inspirational and transformative. Every class is unique. Amanda generously shares all of her further learning. I slipped a disc in my back in my 1st pregnancy and with regular yoga classes for 18 months I experienced no pain during the 2nd pregnancy.
— Lisa Sainsbury - Mother of two

What is Yoga Therapy?

It's widely known that Yoga can enhance your physical and emotional well being, but when Yoga is practiced with a therapeutic intention in the form of Yoga Therapy, it can help prevent and aid recovery from physical and mental ailments. 

More than following just one style or one branch of yoga, Yoga Therapy feeds from virtually all styles and branches, combining the tools that each one of them bring in the design of a yoga sadhana, or a routine that addresses the given condition.

The process is very personalised - this is a one-to-one session and co-collaborative in that you - the Client and Yoga Therapist design a personalised routine together, setting goals and experimenting with techniques that are appropriate to your abilities. This empowers you to participate in your own healing process. The routine created is then practiced at home and evaluated and developed in the following sessions.


Who is Yoga Therapy suitable for?

Yoga Therapy may be used to:

  • reduce symptoms of illness or injury
  • establish more functional breath and movement patterns
  • reduce physical and mental suffering
  • improve quality of life
  • enhance positive coping strategies


Yoga Therapy Prices and Booking

Initial Session 1. 5 Hours:  £55

Follow Up Sessions 1 Hour: £45

Block of 6 Follow Up Sessions (1 Hour) £250 

Please email me at  or call me on 07541 830056 to arrange a suitable time

Please complete the following Yoga Therapy Intake Form and email this back to me 24 hours before your first session

I have suffered from Parkinsons Disease for over ten years and have found Amanda’s yoga classes to be both beneficial in managing the condition and helping to keep me flexible. I have practised yoga under Amanda’s guidance for over two years. The smaller class size means there is a more tailored approach to class and there is no pressure to keep-up as with other larger classes that I have attended. Amanda is an excellent and inspirational teacher and I would whole-heartedly endorse her.
— Denise Edwards - Home Maker
Amanda is a wonderful caring yoga teacher. Her experience and knowledge make for an informative, unique and challenging class. Amanda is incredibly patient and encouraging to all of her students wherever they are on their yoga journey. I have been attending her classes for over 3 1/2 years now and I love how I feel after each class: my mind is calmer and my body feels stronger yet more flexible.
— Carol Dineen - Nursery Assistant and mother of two
I have been attending Amanda’s yoga classes for over three years. I really enjoy the class and always feel better afterwards.
I feel physically stronger and after a class your mind feels calmer and clearer. I notice if I’ve missed a class.
Amanda is an excellent teacher. She is extremely knowledgeable and inspiringly passionate about the benefits of Yoga.
— Nicola Critchley - Mother of two